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Ge Monogram Column Refrigerator Repair Service | Prime Ge Appliance Repair

GE Appliances has been around for more than a century, and they've used their experience to create high-grade professional appliances for households in America. Their seamless integration of modern technology has provided customers with high degrees of convenience and comfort, thanks to their continuous drive to move forward. For example, their most recent line of products can connect to the local WiFi and notify their owners if a door failed to close properly or if any issues within the unit require service repairs. It's the same thing the other way around: Owners can also control features such as temperature and hot water scheduling from their smartphones. 

GE Monogram offers multiple choices for its customers when it comes to their full-sized refrigerators and freezers. The following categories are All-Refrigerators and All-Freezers, Bottom Freezer Refrigerators, Built-In Refrigerators, Counter-Depth Refrigerators, Free-Standing Refrigerators, French Door Refrigerators, Side-by-Side Refrigerators, and Integrated Column Refrigerators.

The Integrated Column Refrigerators are ultra-thin refrigerators or freezers, approximately 18 inches to 30 inches in width! There are currently 10 column refrigerators available in the GE Monogram product line, and each one has its special features.

Features in the GE Monogram Column Refrigerators

  • Convertible lower drawer: This feature allows independent temperature control settings that allow food and drink products such as wine, produce, and frozen foods to stay at the individual optimal temperatures.
  • Freezer drawer with electronic icemaker: A convenient feature that also contains an ice bin and ice scoop that is both removable and capable of keeping freezer items such as ice cream, popsicles, and other produce.
  • HFC-Free: GE Monogram was the first company in the USA to unveil an HFC-free refrigerator that lessens the strain on global warming.
  • Wine Storage Capabilities: Some refrigerator models from the GE Monogram product line are specialized for wine storage, and such can store more than 100 bottles of wine.
  • Soft-close freezer and convertible drawers: These features ensure the drawers and doors are secured silently.
  • Remote connectivity via WiFi: Refrigerator and freezer settings are accessible through an app thanks to the WiFi technology integrated by GE Monogram into their appliances.
  • Ramp-up LED interior lighting: This feature ensures you see every part of your refrigerator in the best possible light.
  • Dedicated evaporator sealed system: This system ensures the freezer compartment doesn't have regular temperature fluctuations that could create frost coating, food spoilage, and water leaks.
  • Water filtration system: The water filtration system ensures your automatic ice maker (if part of the unit) and the water dispenser uses water that is safe from contaminants.

With our expertise in repairing the entire GE Monogram product line, it should come as no surprise that Prime GE Appliance Repair is here for all your GE Monogram Column Refrigerator Repair Service needs. Your appliances are in the best hands when you choose Prime GE Appliance Repair because we guarantee our technicians can increase the longevity of your GE Monogram appliances! No one is better at GE Monogram Column Refrigerator Repair Services than Prime GE Appliance Repair, so give us a call today for more information on our other services, such as the GE Monogram French Door Refrigerator Repair service.

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